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Editorial Policy of Remedy Counter

As healthcare providers, we know we are dealing with sensitive topics, so we collect information only from Trusted and reliable sources such as govt. Sites and reputed Journals. We keep updating our blogs to provide our readers with the latest and most up-to-date information.

The editorial policy of Remedy Counter Pharmacy outlines the guidelines that we uphold while creating and publishing content. It reflects our dedication to providing high-quality, accurate information that helps readers make informed decisions about their health. The editorial team is run by a committee comprising recognized authors and experts in the relevant field.

Exploring Topics to Impacting Readers

  • Understanding Readers' Health Concerns and Challenges
    Our editorial team meticulously chooses the topic by considering our readers' health concerns and challenges. We achieve this by following the emerging health issues addressed by World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and frequently asking questioning within our community.
  • Exploring Trusted Research Journals for In-depth Understanding
    To ensure the reliability and accuracy of our content, we delve into reputable and trusted research journals and papers. We ensure that our content is supported by reputable sources, such as WebMD, Nature, The Lancet, and NCBI, to name a few.
  • Writing the blog
    With an understanding of the reader's health and insight from trusted journals, it’s now time to draft the blog.
  • Content verified by Medical Reviewer for Accuracy
    Our medical reviewer ensures the content is accurate and aligns with the established medical guidelines. The facts are cross-checked, and references are verified before publishing.
  • Publishing the blog
    The content is finally published after a rigorous process of researching, drafting, and verifying.

Editorial Values

Remedy Counter is committed to providing scientific-backed, accurate, and up-to-date health information. We meet the highest editorial standards, focusing on accuracy, fairness, and transparency. Our team of experts diligently curates and reviews the information that is published on our website.

Editorial Code Of Ethics

  • Accuracy- Our team ensures that the information provided on the website is reliable, accurate, and based on credible sources
  • Transparency- Remedy counter follows a transparent operating policy. We clearly state the qualification of our authors and experts. We do not publish any sponsored content. The author at Remedy counter is Dwivedi Jeet Sharad, and we have Dr. Uche Ogbuagu as the medical reviewer. We are also transparent about our sources from where the information for the article is collected, and each reference is given its due credit
  • Independence- We maintain editorial independence by separating our content or blogs from any form of sponsorships and advertising. However, as a pharmacy, we understand the importance of having convenient access to medication and health products. Thus, to enhance our user's experience, we provide product links within our blogs. It is, however, essential to note that these links are not sponsored and are solely intended to help our readers in locating the medications we discuss.
  • Peer Review- We uphold Peer review as an integral part of our editorial process. All our content, before publication, undergoes a rigorous review by experts in the relevant field.
  • Credibility- Our blogs are written after thoroughly researching the topic from trusted medical journals, scientific papers, and health organisations. References to all the websites are listed on our blogs.
  • Fairness- The goal is to present the truth as fully as we know it. Thus our content is unbiased, describing both the medical benefits and their drawbacks, including drug interactions, side effects, and abuse potential.

Medicine Information- Content Updates And Revisions

A range of conditions is treated by Remedy Counter, and hence we understand that it is our utmost responsibility to provide our readers with accurate information. So to ensure that our blogs and content remain a reliable source of information, Dr. Uche Ogbuagu, the medical reviewer at Remedy Counter, reviews and updates the information every 45 days.

Policy For Remedy Counter's Editorial Team

Guidelines followed by our editorial team-
  • Our Editorial team does not perform any tasks on behalf of our advertisers. These are two separate and distinct teams that with designated duties. No person will serve both as an editor/author and advertiser.
  • The team is required to constantly interact with people on health forums to survey and identify common health issues.
  • A database of all the references is maintained on our system so that we do not share information that has already been previously discussed.

Medical Disclaimer

The information (including product pages and blogs) is for informational purposes only. One should not consider this as professional medical advice, treatment advice, or diagnosis. Any medication mentioned by us should be taken after consulting a doctor. We further advise you to check the Drug policy of Remedy counter to get a better understanding of our operations and the medication we retail.

Website Information Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer: This website is not intended to provide medical advice of any kind; all material is provided for educational purposes only after being vetted by qualified medical professionals.

Remedy Counter provides no medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All of the website's content, including cited clinical and scientific research data, is accessible solely for educational and informational purposes. Our team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure that all information on our website has been meticulously researched and is accessible to our readers. The data provided on Remedy Counter adheres to national and international guidelines for medical and clinical trials. Before taking any of the medications on our website, we advise everyone to consult with a doctor.