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Modafinil is a powerful wakefulness-promoting agent that is also considered the safest Nootropic in the pharmaceutical world by the University of Oxford and Cambridge. Marketed under several brand names, It is a safe and affordable treatment option for excessive daytime sleepiness and to get improved cognitive ability.

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Legal Status

Australia- S4 (Prescription only)

USA- Schedule IV

UK- Prescription only

Canada- Prescription only

FDA approval Yes, In 1998
Habit-Forming Relatively low
Therapeutic Class Neuro CNS
Action Class Brain Stimulant/Nootropic

Brand Name Of Modafinil Tablet

Modafinil is available in numerous brands with similar action and benefits to its generic form. Some popular brand names are:

Modafinil Mechanism Of Action

The mechanism of action of Modafinil is by affecting the hormones Histamine (HA), Norepinephrine (NE), Serotonin (5-HT), Dopamine (DA), Glutamate, and Orexin in the brain. The action of these hormones increases the intake of the Nootropic, thus contributing to Modafinil's wakefulness and cognitive-enhancing ability.
  • Histamine : Promotes wakefulness.
  • Norepinephrine : Helps in improving wakefulness and alertness.
  • Serotonin : Enhances the person's mood.
  • Dopamine :It plays a crucial role in improving the brain's executive functions, cognition, and motor control.
  • Glutamate : Essential for learning and better memory.
  • Orexin : Promotes alertness and wakefulness.


Modafinil Uses

  • The wakefulness-inducing compound is prescribed to treat excessive daytime sleepiness resulting from Narcolepsy and Obstructive sleep apnea.
  • The Nootropic promotes better productivity, wakefulness, and alertness in night shift workers.

Off-label Uses

Apart from its prescription uses, Modafinil 200 mg effectively improves the signs and symptoms of the following health condition.
  • ADHD- (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
  • Bipolar depression
  • Cognition- The Nootropic enables better memory, creativity, concentration, thinking, and decision-making ability in users.
  • Schizophrenia- (A condition that affects a person's ability to think and behave clearly).
  • Neurodegenerative diseases- (A disorder where cells of the CNS begin to die or stop working).
  • Modafinil is the only Nootropic approved by the USA Air Force for managing fatigue.
  • It for weight loss- The use of the Nootropic causes loss of appetite resulting in weight loss.

Benefits Of Modafinil

  • The chances of experiencing anxiety and jitteriness from the Modafinil tablet are low.
  • It has a mood-brightening effect on the users.
  • Most health insurance plans cover the cost of Modafinil 200 mg.
  • Researchers at Harvard and Oxford Universities address Modafinil as the world's first safe, smart drug.
  • The Nootropic has a very low risk for addiction and dependency.
  • One dose of the Nootropic can help you function all day long.


Dosage of Modafinil

The standard dose of Modafinil is 200mg which should be taken once in the morning. Night shift workers are advised to take the Nootropic 30 minutes before work to achieve its best benefits. Doses up to 400mg per day can be given as a single dose to patients with Narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. Dosage adjustments may be advised for people with hepatic impairment (liver disorder).

How To Take Modafinil

  • It is an oral tablet and should be taken by mouth.
  • Breaking or crushing the Nootropic is not advisable.
  • Long-term use of the medication is safe.
  • People below 18 years are not advised to take the Nootropic without consulting a doctor.
  • Taking the tablet at the same time every day enhances its effectiveness.
  • Taking the pill later in the day can affect your normal sleep cycle, thus causing insomnia.
  • Modafinil dose can be taken without or without food.

Factors That Affect The Efficacy Of Modafinil Pill

The effectiveness of Modafinil can be affected by the following physiological factors :
  • Age- As the metabolic activity of an individual lowers with time, people over 65 years take longer to show positive effects.
  • Tolerance- It is a condition where the body gets used to the medication or the dose. In such people, the Nootropic may show lower efficacy.
  • Dosage- The higher the Modafinil dosage, the longer the effectiveness and benefit of the Nootropic pill.


Some Warnings of Modafinil

  • Modafinil can increase blood pressure and therefore is not advised for people with hypertension (high blood pressure).
  • Caution should be practiced for people with cardiac disorders.
  • The use of the Nootropic with alcohol is considered unsafe.
  • Modafinil dosage can induce episodes in patients with bipolar disorder. Therefore, before taking the medication, check patients for risk factors such as suicidal thoughts and manic episodes.
  • People with preexisting psychotic disorders should take the Nootropic after consulting a doctor, as its use can worsen the symptom of the condition.

Before taking Modafinil Instruction

  • Discontinue using Modafinil and immediately notify your physician if you develop a rash, skin peeling, mouth sores, and blisters.
  • Modafinil can lower the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives, thus increasing the risk of getting pregnant.
  • It is a category C medication, thus not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Patients with lung and liver diseases should consult a doctor before taking the Nootropic.
  • Operation of heavy machinery and driving is not advised after administering Modafinil medication.

Drug interaction

Interactions of Modafinil

When two or more medications are taken together, it can result in drug interaction leading to serious side effects and a reduction of its therapeutic effects. It can interact with 449 drugs to cause moderate to severe health risks. below are a few medications that should not be taken with the Modafinil tablet (Not a complete list).
  • Atogepant
  • Doravirine
  • Mavacamten
  • Selumetinib
  • Voclosporin
  • Rifampin
  • Lovastatin
  • Formoterol
  • Doxepin
  • Carisoprodol

Side Effects

Side Effects of Modafinil

The common side effects of Modafinil are diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, sweating, vomiting, blurry vision, and nausea. Psychiatric adverse reactions reported in patients include depression, hallucination, confusion, agitation, and nervousness. The Nootropic can also cause Cardiovascular complications such as palpitation, faster heartbeat, vasodilation, and chest pain. In rare incidences, the possibility of Urine abnormality, vertigo, hypertension, tremor, mouth ulcers, asthma, chills, and edema is reported.

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Last reviewed: 7th March 2023

frequently asked questions

Needs Answer? Find them here

What does Modafinil look like?
It is a capsule-shaped white tablet.
How long does Modafinil last?
The half-life of Modafinil is 12 to 15 hours; thus, the effect of the Nootropics begins to wear off after 10 to 12 hours.
What is Modafinil prescribed for?
The prescription use of Modafinil is for treating excessive daytime sleepiness from Narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder.
How long does Modafinil stay in your system?
Modafinil is primarily removed from the body through the kidney. It stays in the urine for 48 to 72 hours from the last dosage.
How to get a prescription for Modafinil?
Your doctor will prescribe Modafinil if you have medically-approved reasons to take the Nootropic. It is often prescribed for Narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder.
Where to buy Modafinil in the USA?
Modafinil is a prescription drug in the USA and is not available over the counter. People can get the Nootropic online from authorized Modafinil vendors such as Remedy counter.
How much Modafinil should I take?
It is advised to take one Modafinil tablet a day. The standard dose is 200mg daily.
How much does Modafinil cost?
The cost of Modafinil (Modvigil) is about $0.9 per pill.
How much Modafinil should I take?
Make Modafinil work better by :
  • Buying Modafinil from a legitimate and trusted source.
  • Taking the dose at a fixed time every day.
  • Avoiding any possible drug interactions.
  • For long-term users, take regular breaks after 3 weeks of continuous use.
  • Taking Modafinil with coffee.
How to sleep on Modafinil?
Modafinil can affect your sleep cycle, causing insomnia. The best way to sleep on Modafinil is by taking the Nootropic early in the morning.
How long is Modafinil detectable?
The presence of Modafinil is detectable in the urine for 48 to 72 hours. It can also be tested in hair, saliva, and blood samples.
Will Modafinil make me smarter?
Using the Nootropic can increase the user's cognition, thus making them smarter.
Will I lose weight on Modafinil?
Evidence suggests that using Modafinil can lower the appetite, thus resulting in weight loss.
Will my insurance cover Modafinil?
Yes, insurances cover the price of Modafinil tablets.
Will Modafinil help me study?
Students use the Nootropic to score better grades on exams. It enhances the memory and concentration of students.
Where can I buy Modafinil safely in the UK?
Yes, one can order Modafinil medications in the UK from remedy counter.
How to taper off Modafinil?
Sudden discontinuation of Modafinil does not cause severe health risks or withdrawal signs. However, it is best to consult a doctor before stopping the treatment.
Is Modafinil uses for ADHD?
The use of Modafinil for ADHD is its off-label benefit. It helps such patients with staying focused.

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